NRP Recertification

Time to renew your NRP certification? We can help.

When it's time to renew your NRP certification, you can save time and money with a recertification course. As long as your card has been expired for less than 60 days, you're eligible to take our streamlined NRP recertification course rather than the initial certification program. Get started today!


Study on the schedule that works for you.


As soon as you pass the final exam.


Review the current guidelines.


Offering 4 CEU/CME credits.


Get a refund if your employer won't accept it.*


If required by employer or state regulatory board.

Online Convenience and Flexibility

The ACLS Certification Institute's online NRP training puts you in control with the freedom and flexibility to refresh your skills when it works for you:

  • Schedule study time when it works for you. With online training, you can fit studying into your schedule instead of trying to adjust your schedule around a set class time.
  • Focus your time where it matters most. This NRP recertification course lets you focus on the information you need the most as you prepare for the exam.

NRP renewal does not mean you need to spend a day or two in a classroom re-learning material you already know. Refresh your skills with online training, and stay up to date without rearranging your busy schedule.


With online training you can renew your NRP certification right now. There's no waiting until the next scheduled class. You are in control of when you study.

  • Receive your card as soon as you pass. You will receive access to your digital, printable provider card as soon as you succesfully complete your NRP recertification exam. A printed card will also be mailed to you.
  • Complete an optional skills evaluation. Some employers and state regulatory boards require a skills evaluation. If you need one, we can provide you with the necessary forms. You will receive your card, which will include a note saying you also completed a skills evaluation, once your completed forms are verified.
  • Receive a refund if your card is not accepted* We always recommend you check with your employer before training to ensure there are no acceptance issues, but we negotiate to make sure our cards are accepted. *See our refund policy for details.

Regardless of whether you complete a skills evaluation or not, your printed provider card will be mailed out (free of charge) within 2-3 business days of when your digital card was issued. You can choose to have this sent by priority mail for faster delivery for an additional fee.

Get your NRP recertification taken care of when it works for you! Get your updated card today!

Up-To-Date Training

Healthcare providers are required to recertify every 2 years. This ensures your skills are sharp and up to date in the event of an emergency. Our NRP recertification course is specifically designed to build on the knowledge and skills you already have as a certified provider, which gives you a more streamlined option than taking the full certification course each time you need to renew.

  • Concentrate on new and updated information. To make the most of your time, the NRP recertification course focuses on the information that may have changed since you last earned your certification.
  • Review the current guidelines. As well as covering the new and updated information, the NRP recertification will also provide the opportunity to review all of the current guidelines (as published by the AAP), so you can ensure your knowledge is comprehensive.

The NRP course is nationally accredited and teaches the most current NRP guidelines as published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our NRP renewal course offers 4 CEU credits through organizations including the AMA, ANCC, ANAA, ADA, ACPE, and CAPCE.

With the NRP recertification course you receive all the benefits of our certification course in a streamlined format! To learn more about the specific subjects covered, please visit our NRP certification course page.