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About Us

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Better Certification, Better Patient Care

ACLS Certification Institute began in 2010 when a team of healthcare and emergency medical providers came together with one common goal: Creating a medical certification experience that was better for patients and providers.

Fixing The Gap

Our team saw an increasing gap between emerging medical science and providers’ ability to keep abreast of new methods, vital information, and practices that incorporated everything.

As our team realized traditional certification options could not keep pace with the exponential increase of medical knowledge, the escalating demands on providers’ time, and industry job growth. Medical providers needed a smarter, more efficient way to stay current on medical knowledge and best practices.

Check out ACLS Practice Tests and Answers. is the largest online provider of emergency life support certifications.

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Industry Leading Certifications

By pairing emerging technologies with the latest medical information, the ACLS Certification Institute began offering industry-leading online certifications.

Now, the ACLS Certification Institute is the largest online provider of emergency life support certification training. We’ve helped tens of thousands of providers improve patients’ outcomes while certifying on a flexible schedule that works best for them.

In 2017, ACLS Certification Institute was purchased by Carrus and became part of a larger movement to elevate patient care through innovative online training. We are proud to be a part of the Carrus family, and we strive to uphold our company values of quality, convenience, and service, making the best contribution to our community’s health and safety.

Trusted By Thousands Of Professionals Nationwide.

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  • This is the second course I have done through this company. I really like the convenience. The information is concise and pertinent. I highly recommend this course and will continue to use this resource throughout my career.

    Victoria B. / Mar 8, 2024
  • I am very impressed with style of teaching and it seems to improve every time I take the course for recertification.

    Ricky T. / Mar 3, 2024
  • I felt the course training tools and exam questions were effective in teaching and covering all of the information needed to save a life.

    Ashley D. / Feb 24, 2024
  • Great course. Much more confident than before!

    Laurie R. / Feb 16, 2024
  • I enjoyed that the modules were more interactive than previous years.

    Laura M. / Jan 7, 2024

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