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Is BLS Certification Necessary for Entry-Level Nursing Jobs?

Most medical facilities in the United States of America require certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) for all their nurses, including entry-level nurses. However, while BLS certification is necessary for most entry-level nursing jobs, some employers will help you obtain it after hiring you. Other employers will appreciate that you’ve gone the extra mile to get certified ahead of time. The specifics will vary by state and facility.

ACLS.com offers accredited online BLS certification for nurses. We put together this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about getting BLS certified for your entry-level nursing job.

What is BLS certification for nurses?

BLS stands for Basic Life Support. Most medical facilities require their nurses to be certified in BLS as part of their job requirements. Some nursing homes or assisted living facilities may not require BLS certification for their nurses, but all major hospitals will. Getting your BLS certification should make you more employable and give you more job opportunities, especially as an entry-level nurse.

BLS certification courses cover several aspects of emergency life-saving care for adults, children, and infants. It includes the basic steps involved in performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) as an individual or part of a team of two. It also goes over rescue breathing and using some life-saving medical equipment, including bag valve masks and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

The life-saving techniques you learn through your BLS nursing certification courses can set you up for a successful career as a healthcare professional.

Benefits of BLS Certification for Nurses

Getting your BLS certification for nursing provides several benefits that help you stand out among other entry-level nursing candidates.

Qualify for jobs that require BLS certification.

Nurses working in hospitals and many other medical facilities will require BLS certification. Get your certification beforehand to eliminate the potential barrier to getting hired.

Show initiative and forethought.

While some facilities that require BLS certification for entry-level nurses will provide ways for you to get certified after you’re hired, you can stand out from the crowd by not needing such assistance. Certifying on your own before you’re hired shows potential employers that you take your career seriously and plan ahead accordingly.

Gain confidence in your own abilities.

Beginning a career at the entry level can be intimidating. Nurses often feel pressure to perform well. That pressure can create a lot of stress. In turn, that stress can actually lead to worse performance. That some of that stress away by leaning on the fact that your certification means you know what you need to know to perform any of your duties that involve BLS.
Set yourself apart with your BLS nursing certification.

BLS Nursing Certification Options

You have a few options for when and how to get your BLS nursing certification. Some nursing programs require BLS certification before you enroll. Some provide the BLS certification as part of the program. You can also get certified on your own. That is recommended when applying for competitive programs or jobs. Some employers also provide in-house certification programs.

Many BLS certification courses for nurses take place in schools or training facilities. Some larger medical facilities may even have classes on-site. However, many busy medical professionals struggle to fit attendance at a training course into their busy schedules. Fortunately, you also have convenient online BLS certification options for nurses through ACLS.com.

Your best option will depend on your situation and circumstances, but the convenience of online courses is always a good choice.

Choosing your BLS Nursing Certification Course

Knowing which way to go for your BLS certification can help you stay on track and achieve your certification smoothly. Use the following tips to help determine which BLS certification for a nursing option is right for you.

Choose an accredited BLS certification program.

Most medical facilities that require BLS certification for entry-level nurses will also require those certifications to be accredited by the ADA, AMA, or both. Don’t waste your time or money on a certification that won’t be considered valid. Ensure your BLS certification course is accredited before you begin. If you’re unsure if your employer or school will accept a particular course’s certification, ask your human resources department or program manager about the specific course.

Choose a BLS certification program that fits your schedule.

Starting a BLS certification program will only be worthwhile if you finish it. Set yourself up for success by picking a program you can complete on your own time and fits into the little holes in your already packed schedule. Online courses do this very well.

Choose a BLS certification program that uses modern technology.

Along with the courses fitting into your schedule, they also need to provide access to course materials and reference documents from anywhere you happen to be. With modern smartphones and cloud technology, this should be a basic function. Unfortunately, some BLS certification programs have been slow to adapt. Attempting to get your nursing BLS certification from a program that uses outdated technology can prove frustrating and inconvenient. That reduces the chances that you’ll complete the certification or retain the information from the course.

You can simplify your decision-making process by opting for online BLS certification courses for nurses at ACLs.com. It checks all of the boxes listed above.

How to Prepare for Your BLS Nursing Certification Courses

Give yourself the best chance of success in your BLS certification courses by preparing ahead of time. You can find lots of information online about basic life support. You can even find practice tests. Review these materials and take a few practice tests to get a feel for the types of questions you’re likely to see on your certification exam.

Knowledge is power, but power is also power, so don’t forget to prepare yourself physically and mentally to perform CPR and other strenuous life support techniques.

Renewing Your BLS Certification for Nursing

A BLS certification for nursing will remain valid for two years. You will need to renew your certification before it expires. Otherwise, you may have to start the certification process from scratch. Fortunately, ACLS.com has convenient online options for BLS certification renewal too. This condensed review will give you the necessary refresher and keep you updated with all the latest developments in BLS.

Sign up for BLS certification for nursing today!

Give yourself the chance to stand out among other potential nursing candidates. Show initiative by getting your BLS certification in advance of employment. ACLS has convenient, online BLS certification courses designed to fit the busy schedules of medical professionals.

Contact ACLS.com today about your BLS certification for nursing!

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