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ACLS Certification

Our ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) online certification course is designed specifically for healthcare professionals, so you can learn or refresh your training on the most up-to-date life-saving techniques, allowing you to manage and respond to nearly all cardiopulmonary emergencies. ACLS training goes beyond BLS (Basic Life Support) to provide a more comprehensive knowledge of advanced life support.

ACLS certification is a good choice if you are a healthcare professional who has not previously completed an ACLS course or if you want a more in-depth refresher. If you have held an active ACLS certification and are an experienced ACLS provider, you should sign up for our ACLS recertification course.

The ACLS certification/recertification course covers the following:

  • BLS Primary Survey and ACLS Secondary Survey with critical actions
  • The important elements of effective resuscitation team dynamics
  • Clinical situations in which the following airway adjuncts may be used for airway management: oropharyngeal airway (OPA), nasopharyngeal airway (APC), bag-mask ventilation, and advanced airway
  • Recognizing VF and VT on the ECG
  • Indications, contraindications, doses, and routes of administration for drugs recommended for refractory VF/Pulseless VT
  • ACLS initial assessment and management recommendations in the ACLS algorithms
  • 8 Ds of stroke care including why timely action is crucial
  • Major signs and symptoms of stroke
There is the obvious reason, of course: your state or employer may require it. Beyond that is the more important reason: you want to save lives. Becoming and remaining certified for ACLS is what allows you to do that. ACLS certification requirements and guidelines are constantly changing and evolving, which is the reason you’re required to recertify every two years – the technology and research are always revealing new and better methods, so staying on top of the knowledge is the key to continually saving lives. We will take you through every step of your certification process, from studying the training materials to receiving your provider card in the mail. In fact, we’ve outlined the full step-by-step process of how to become ACLS certified through our platform here. Our ACLS online course is 100% legitimate, valid, and nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE), and in joint partnership with the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine (PIM). Our courses provide CEU/CME credits for EMTs, AEMTs, paramedics, respiratory therapists, nurses, nurse anesthetists, physicians, physician assistants, dentists, and pharmacists, and have been successfully used by individuals in all of these professions to become and remain ACLS certified for years. You should always check with your employer to ensure they will accept our certifications, but we stand behind our ACLS certification so if it’s not accepted, we’ll give you your money back. Tens of thousands of healthcare professionals have successfully earned and maintained their emergency life support certifications with our ACLS online courses, and we work closely with healthcare facilities to educate them on the quality of our training, and to facilitate the acceptance of our cards. Our programs are up to date, are based on the most current emergency cardiovascular care (ECC) guidelines as published by the AHA, and have been reviewed and approved by a number of credible third-party accrediting agencies. However, we always recommend that you check with your employer before purchasing our courses, to avoid any fees for certifications that may not be accepted by your particular facility. Our programs and courses are offered in an entirely online format simply because it’s easier and less expensive for you to certify from your own device at your own location. We offer ACLS for healthcare professionals in an online environment to save you the hassle of traveling to and attending in-person training, and we are able to keep your ACLS certification cost low by cutting out venue and live instructor fees.

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