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CPR Practice Test

CPR consists of which of the following components?

Question 1/10
Chest compressions
All of the above

When beginning CPR, start with:

Question 2/10
Rescue breathing
Chest compressions
Calling for help

Single rescuers should use a compression-to-ventilation ratio of:

Question 3/10
15 compressions to 2 breaths
90 compressions to 2 breaths
15 compressions to 1 breath
30 compressions to 2 breaths

At what rate should chest compressions occur?

Question 4/10
60 to 70/min
90 to 100/min
100 to 120/min
180 to 200/min

What is the correct chest compression depth for an adult?

Question 5/10
At least 2 inches
At least one third the depth of the chest
Half the depth of the chest
At least 1 inch

After each compression:

Question 6/10
Check the pulse
Allow complete chest recoil
Provide rescue breathing
Yell for help

Interruptions in chest compressions should be limited to:

Question 7/10
Less than 10 seconds
2 seconds
5 seconds
There should never be interruptions in chest compressions

When multiple rescuers are present, rescuers should switch compressors how often?

Question 8/10
Every 20 cycles
Every 15 cycles
Every 10 cycles
Every 5 cycles

What method should be used to open the airway of a victim with a suspected head or neck injury?

Question 9/10
Head tilt-chin lift
Jaw thrust
Heimlich maneuver

After an AED has been used, CPR is no longer necessary

Question 10/10

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