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Basic ACLS Practice Test

The Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Provider Course is designed for:

Question 1/5
Any healthcare providers that direct or participate in cardiovascular emergencies

Knowledge and skills required to successfully complete the ACLS course do NOT include:

Question 2/5
BLS skills
Ability to perform pericardiocentesis and chest tube placement
ECG rhythm interpretation for core ACLS algorithms
Basic ACLS drug and pharmacology knowledge

ACLS algorithms require students to recognize which of the following ECG rhythms:

Question 3/5
All of these

In order to minimize interruptions in chest compressions, you should avoid all of the following except:

Question 4/5
Prolonged rhythm analysis
Frequent or inappropriate pulse checks
Removing the patient from a dangerous environment
Taking too long to give breaths to the patient
Unnecessarily moving the patient

When communicating with team members, the team leader communicates by taking these steps:

  1. The team leader gives a message, order, or assignment to a team member.
  2. By receiving a clear response and eye contact, the team leader confirms that the team member heard and understood the message.
  3. The team leader listens for confirmation of task performance from the team member before assigning another task.

What type of communication do these steps represent?

Question 5/5
Closed-Loop Communication
Collaboration Communication
Dictatorial Communication
Emergency Response Communication

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