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Acute Coronary Syndromes Practice Test

A 12-lead ECG should be obtained and analyzed within____minutes of the patient’s arrival in the ED (emergency department).

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The most common symptom of ischemia and/or myocardial infarction is:

Question 2/10
Arm, neck or jaw pain
Chest pain behind the sternum (retrosternal chest pain)
Pain between the shoulder blades
Sudden shortness of breath not explained by other reasons

Which of the following patients would you avoid giving aspirin to?

Question 3/10
A patient who is being treated for peptic ulcer disease
A patient with a history of diverticular disease
A patient with a history of gallbladder disease
A patient that has recently undergone a colonoscopy

Which of the following patients would you avoid administering nitroglycerin to?

Question 4/10
A patient with a heart rate of 60 beats per minute
A patient that admits to taking Viagra (sildenafil nitrate) in the last 12 hours
A patient with a systolic blood pressure of 98mm Hg
A patient experiencing an anterolateral infarction

Morphine is given in ACS because:

Question 5/10
It reverses the effects of catecholamine release on the body, and lowers myocardial oxygen demand
It acts as a venodilator, reducing oxygen requirements and left ventricular preload
Assists in redistributing blood flow in patients with acute pulmonary edema
All of the above

Which intervention is at the center of the decision pathway in the management of ischemic chest pain, according to the ACS Algorithm?

Question 6/10
Fibrinolytic checklist
Initial cardiac marker levels
Targeted history
12-lead ECG (ECG interpretation)

For a patient with STEMI, goals of reperfusion include giving fibrinolytics or performing PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) within a certain timeframe of the patient’s arrival in the ED. What are these time parameters?

Question 7/10
Fibrinolytics within 15 minutes, PCI within 30 minutes
Fibrinolytics within 90 minutes, PCI within 30 minutes
Fibrinolytics within 20 minutes, PCI within 60 minutes
Fibrinolytics within 30 minutes, PCI within 90 minutes

A major contraindication to the administration of both nitroglycerin and morphine is:

Question 8/10
Recent GI bleed
Recent CVA
Recent phosphodiesterase inhibitor use

STEMI is characterized by:

Question 9/10
ST-segment elevation in 2 or more contiguous leads OR new LBBB
Ischemic ST-segment depression greater than or equal to 0.5mm OR dynamic T-wave inversion with pain or discomfort
Nondiagnostic changes in the ST segment or T-wave
Nonpersistent/transient ST elevation greater than or equal to 0.5mm for less than 20 minutes

Which of the following drugs is not included as part of ED general treatment for chest pain?

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