ACLS Certification Institute Medical Advisory Board

At ACLS Certification Institute our focus is on providing quality training that prepares our students for emergency situations. We want to ensure you truly gain the knowledge and skills you need to earn and maintain your certification—we’re not just checking boxes and handing you a provider card.

With this dedication to quality education, we have built an extensive medical advisory board that routinely reviews our courses to ensure we’re providing the training you need to do your job well. With years of experience in all areas of emergency medicine and educational development, this is expertise you can trust.

Dr. Sharon Malone, MD, Executive Medical Director

Dr. Malone is a board-certified emergency physician and serves as the medical director for several urban and rural EMS departments throughout the state of Texas as well as two accredited college EMS education programs. She began EMS medical direction in 2006 and is an active member of the Texas Governor's EMS and Trauma Systems Advisory Council, Medical Director's Committee, which guides the development of state policy, rule, and law regarding EMS medical direction. A licensed paramedic as well as an NAEMT-TCCC provider and instructor supporting EMS and specialty teams, Dr. Malone advocates community health paramedicine through curriculum design, course delivery, and medical direction oversight of community paramedic programs. She is the medical director for Emergency Medical Task Force 2 of Texas and regularly deploys on regional and state missions.

Judson Smith, MHA, CCEMT-P, VP of Continuing Education

Judson Smith brings over 20 years of EMS and critical care pre-hospital experience to the medical advisory board. A licensed critical care paramedic, he also currently serves as an officer in an Air Force Reserves aeromedical evacuation squadron. In 2014, Judson founded Code3 CME to provide EMT, paramedic, and critical care transport training with a level of educational support he felt was lacking in the industry. Judson has also been a guest speaker at EMS events throughout the country. He holds a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Lindenwood University.

Andrew Steward, AAS, Paramedic, Director of Continuing Education

Andrew brings more than 15 years of experience in emergency services to his role; having a particular focus in education. He holds numerous credentials in education in both the fire and EMS industries and also holds memberships with the NAEMT and NAEMSE. Andrew served as a Fire Lieutenant having oversight of training and has taught for a number of EMS programs having worked for busy 911 services in both suburban and urban areas as well as within a university-based critical care transport system. Andrew remains active in the industry still working on a regular basis as a paramedic for Harleysville Area EMS. He currently holds an Associate’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University and is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Emergency Management with a minor in Homeland Security through Waldorf University.

Chris Le Baudour; MS, Ed

Chris Le Baudour is well known in EMS education as a passionate and innovative author, speaker and educator. Chris has spent the past 30 years dedicated to improving patient care through education. Chris specializes in experiential scenario based education for all prehospital providers. Chris is a prolific writer and has several major EMS publications on the market. Chris and his wife Audrey have two children and live in Northern California.

Janet Taylor, RN, CFRN

Janet is a full-time flight nurse for Mercy Life Line from Springfield, MO. In addition to EMS, she has worked in the ICU, ER, and OB in order to be familiar with the different types of calls that she and her partner may encounter in EMS. Janet has her bachelor’s in Nursing and enjoys teaching part-time at various EMS conferences throughout the year in addition to writing articles for various industry magazines. Her website is, and you can see where she will be headed next as well as the most current list of topics offered.