Industry Topics

Why More Men Are Needed in Pediatric Nursing

Men make up a small minority in pediatric nursing, but they can make a big impact. Learn how men can overcome current stigmas to build a career in nursing.

What Is PALS Certification and Why Is It Important?

PALS centers specifically on delivering essential care to critically ill or injured infants and children. A PALS certification is a more advanced course of study than CPR or BLS.

Study Tips to Help with Your ACLS Certification

Whether you complete your ACLS certification online or in person, these study tips will help you build your competence and confidence in critical situations.

Tackling Critical Care with ACLS Recertification

Handling critical care emergencies effectively comes with learning curves. Discover how ACLS recertification can improve patient outcomes and your level of care.

A Nurses’ Guide to BLS Certification

What should you expect when you complete a basic life support (BLS) certification for the first time? Here are some helpful tips.

Grief Support Tips for Medical Professionals

Here are resources, insights, and grief support that can help doctors, EMTs, and nurses who are struggling with grief after losing a patient.

How Online CME Combats Challenges in Nursing

As nurses today, many of us tackle long shifts and see an increasing number of patients, all while medical knowledge and technologies evolve at an exponential rate. How can we stay up to date on best practices to improve patient outcomes?

Finding a Healthy Work-Life Balance in Healthcare

Finding a healthy balance between your career and your personal life is especially difficult for those of us who are healthcare professionals. Here are some tips to help you maintain better physical, mental, and emotional health.

Healthy Tips for Healthcare Providers to Manage Stress

Balancing demanding healthcare careers and family life is essential to performing and feeling your best. Use these healthy tips for healthcare providers.